Light sliding aluminum system

Aluprof MB-23P and Aliplast Ecoslide are aluminum systems designed for balcony glazing. The concept and at the same time the basis of such a solution are windows that are moved horizontally.

The windows constructed in this way protect the open space of balconies from weather conditions, including protection against wind, rain or snow, and protect against pollution and noise. Such solutions additionally hinder the burglary, which is extremely important in apartments located on the ground floor.

The construction based on the MB-23P system has an efficient drainage and ventilation system from the shaft chamber and from the chamber between the sash and the frame, because it is an external development. Window sashes can be made in the following options:

  • using a 4 - 8 mm thick single glass
  • with 6.4 mm safety glass.

The thickness of the glass depends on the height of the balcony, as well as its location and size of the wings.
This solution can be used both in existing and built-up balconies. It can be used not in balconies of various shapes, not only simple. The use of window and door systems allows you to perform angular connections between single windows, adjustable in a large range.


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