Warm profiles



Aliplast Imperial is a well-known three-chamber system used to build external windows, doors and various constructions. The thermal break 24 mm wide, is made of polyamide with the addition of multi-directional oriented fiberglass. Such a solution largely translates into an improvement in the mechanical strength of the outer and inner chambers of the profiles. The mentioned thermal break has also been equipped with a Coex sealing line, which in the process of firing powder coated profiles creates vapor barrier and excellent, even perfect sealing. Profiles used in the IMPERIAL door have a heat transfer coefficient UR = 2.2 ÷ 2.3 W / m2K, which ranks them in the material group 2.1 according to the DIN 4108 standard. Due to the parameters such as: a large width of 65 mm profiles (posts, window and door jambs, door leaves) and 74 mm (window sashes) and wall widths 1.7 ÷ 2.0 mm, a hard, stable profile was created to allow the door to be built with the following maximum dimensions of the wings:

  • width 1300 mm - at a maximum height of 2200 mm
  • width 1200 mm - at a maximum height of 2400 mm.

The system of mounting the fillings: from 4 to 51 mm (for the possibility of glazing from the outside), using the fittings of the best companies and the multitude of threshold solutions makes the system extremely innovative and versatile. The advantage of the IMPERIAL windows is the option of an accurate wing selection to the size of the window (a few types of window frames and wings) and a wide selection of the wings depending on the fitting. It is worth noting that there are wings dedicated to typical aluminum fittings, in accordance with the EURO standard as well as fittings used in PVC windows.


  • Sliding and swinging doors
  • windows with turn-tilt, tilt, tilting, tilt-and-slide opening mechanism
  • glass showcases and windows with composite glazing and single glass
  • windows rotary with horizontal and vertical rotation axis
  • doors opened outwards, inwards, single and double doors, with lights


MB-70 is an innovative aluminum system that is used to build thermal and acoustic insulation of external building elements. For example, various types of doors, windows, vestibules, or spatial structures.
The system profiles have a three-chamber structure. The sections have a construction depth of: 70 mm (frame), 79 mm (wing) and door: 70 mm. The sensational low value of heat transfer coefficient U of the MB-70 system is a characteristic feature. Obtained thanks to the use of specialized thermal breaks and the best gaskets. In the era of increasing requirements in the field of energy management and environmental protection, this is of enormous importance. The Uf factor for the MB-70 system depends on the profiles used and the accessories used. As a rule, it is from 1.5 to 2.39 W / m2K.

The system uses profiled thermal breaks resembling the Greek shape of the omega letter with the width of 34 (for the window) and 24 (for the door) mm of polyamide with an admixture of glass fibers. The proposed shape of the spacers increases the hardness of the profiles compared to flat spacers and facilitates drainage of sections thus guaranteeing proper thermal insulation in any weather conditions. The thermal breaks used in the windows have, on top of this, a sealing on the joining of the section and spacers and protrusions separating the chamber between the inner and outer aluminum profiles, dividing them as if into three parts.

The tightness is guaranteed by the use of specialized gaskets made of two-component synthetic rubber EPDM (solid and cellular), which ensures resistance to wear long-term and excellent thermal insulation. The discussed MB-70 system is the first system in which this product was used to design and manufacture the central gasket.
The system enables the use of glass sets with a thickness of 21 mm to 57 mm in window wings and from 12 mm to 48 mm in door wings and in fixed windows. Such a wide range of filling widths ensures the possibility of using all standard and non-standard types of glass.
A large selection of colors in the standard palette enables meeting the requirements and needs of the most demanding constractors. Color coatings are realized with the use of powder coating or anodizing.


ALUPROF MB-86 is a window and door system with excellent parameters, satisfying the various needs of users. It is offered in three variants of sections. Depending on the needs of thermal energy saving: ST, SI and AERO. MB-86 is an innovative and first in the world system of windows and doors made of aluminum, in which the airgel is used. An airgel is a material with perfect thermal insulation. The plus points of the MB-86 system also include the gigantic strength of the profiles, which makes it possible to construct structures with large dimensions and high own weight.

Features that affect the functionality and design of structures made in the MB-86 system:

  • wide-spread thermal breaks with an innovative shape. They allow the implementation of an additional partition in the profile insulation zone
  • a two-component central gasket that ideally seals and thermally insulates the area between the frame and wing.
  • a large range of sections ensures obtaining the assumed aesthetics and solidity of the structure
  • glazing strips with the use of an additional seal are available in three options: Standard, Style and Prestige
  • shapes of profiles adapted to the assembly of various types of enveloping fittings, including hidden hinges
  • the impressive range of glazing allows the use of all available glass types, including two chambers (two-chamber), acoustic or anti-burglary
  • dehydration of profiles in the following options: traditional or hidden

Technical parameters of the system:

Air permeability: windows: class 4, doors: class 3, PN-EN 12207: 2001
Water tightness: windows E 1500 Pa class, doors: class 5A (200 PA) PN-EN 12208: 2001
Thermal insulation (Uf):
MB-86 ST: windows: from 1,39 W / (m2K), doors: from 2,16 W / (m2K)
MB-86 SI: windows: from 0.92 W / (m2K), doors: from 1.76 W / (m2K), doors: MB-86 SI +: from 1.49 m2K
MB-86 AERO: windows: from 0.57 W / (m2K),
door: from 1.22 W / (m2K)
Resistance to wind load:
windows: class C5, doors: class C1 / B1, PN-EN 12210: 2001
On the basis of the MB-86 system it is also possible to realize panel door constructions, which give a lot of stylistic possibilities and are able to meet the needs of the most demanding users.


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