Premium aluminum doors

Panel doors are a product designed for the most demanding users. Due to modern technological solutions and design, they are not only functional and solid

entrance to the flat or house, but also its attractive decoration.

Durable construction

The construction is based on thermally insulated profiles made of aluminum MB-86. They are currently the most technologically innovative door systems offered by ALUPROF. The leaf profile can be combined with special fills, flush with the frame cover. One of the possibilities is fixed by gluing to the main profiles on one side or on both sides. The visual value of the door further increases the possibility of using hidden hinges.

Modernity and character. A great look for years

The panels used for door-fillings are offered in a large range of designs and colors. The techniques used to make cutters with rich shapes, decorative applications and the use of composite glass give an unlimited number of possibilities and variants. As a result, the doors with their use are used in contemporary homes as well as in classical architecture. However, they always create a beautiful entrance to the flat that pleases the eye and beauty of the entrance facade. The door panels are made of solid and weather-resistant raw materials. The external components are usually additionally protected by additional layers of appropriate varnishes or have epoxy protective coatings on their surface, which makes the panels retain their original appearance for many years. There is also the option of using Finea's teflon paints on them, which limit the settling of dirt.

Tightness and insulation

As a result of the fact that the bearing element are MB-86 systems, we get light, yet hard, as well as solid aluminum profiles available in four construction options:

  • ST
  • SI
  • SI +
  • AERO

and three options for bottom sealing. The doors have an extremely high water and air tightness, as well as perfect thermal and acoustic insulation. This has an authentic impact on the comfort of the building as well as lower costs of heatings interior during winter.

In two words: Excellent door

Aluprof panel doors are characterized by elegance as well as considerable technological features, and by analyzing the available sizes of the structure and the possibility of using the door in a larger building in this site they guarantee a significant freedom in arranging the entrance to the premises. This is a great offer for people for whom home is something more than just a place to live.

System characteristics


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